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Shop at home services offer great convenience

Not everyone has the leisure of shopping in a brick-and-mortar showroom during business hours when they need a new floor covering. Schedules often change and prevent homeowners from shopping during regular hours of operation, while others prefer the convenience of shop-at-home services. If you've never considered this option, why not read along with us now to find out more about how we can serve you without your ever having to leave your home.

The convenience of shop-at-home services

One of the best things about shopping from the comfort of your own home is being able to leisurely browse until you find what you're looking for in flooring. Go back and forth between possibilities, take a break, come back, or start all over when you prefer. Some homeowners shop for days before settling on a perfect material, and there’s no time limit on your shopping adventure.
Once you choose a few samples that you think might work perfectly in your home, you can arrange for the showroom experience to be brought to your doorstep. An associate will arrive with your chosen samples and will discuss all the characteristics, benefits, and other information you’ll need to know to decide if it’s the material that will serve your home best. If you choose one of the materials they’ve brought, then you proceed to the next step.

While your flooring professional is still in your home, they’ll be happy to take measurements, discuss your requirements and concerns, and schedule any necessary services right on the spot. They can even provide a quote and an estimate on the time required to finish the installation. If you have specific questions or concerns, they will be happy to address them before leaving, so be sure to take advantage of their presence.
Shop At Home in Spencerport, NY area from Christian Flooring

Let us provide the mobile flooring store you need

As a flooring company in Rochester, NY, it's essential to meet our customers right at their point of need. If your need involves our bringing the showroom to your door, we’re more than capable of doing so after you’ve chosen a few flooring samples. We’ll arrive with samples in hand to provide an experience that is sure to meet your needs.

From our two showrooms in Webster & Spencerport, NY, our mobile units are proud to serve residents of Spencerport, NY, Webster, NY, Rochester, NY, Spencerport, NY, Webster, NY, and Rochester, NY. If you’re in these areas and need great flooring, let us know what we can do for you. Our mobile flooring store offers the same great products and services, so call us today to set up an appointment.