This flooring sometimes referred to as LVF, is a true-to-life echo of wood, stone, or tile. It has a high-end look that even appeals to every homeowner, including those who once would consider nothing but genuine wood or stone. While there are many benefits, there are two essential design options that add to the realism. As always, learn more by visiting Christian Flooring when you shop for luxury vinyl flooring in Webster, NY.

Design option: vinyl plank flooring (LVP)

Here, the vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood planks, although some prefer planks for a stone look since it's a large format with fewer seams. Like all LVF, photography is digital, so images are vibrant and include knots, wormholes, raised grains, swirls, and veining variations. The LVF floor has a micro bevel and is embossed for added depth and dimension. Textures, a hot trend this year, include wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered and distressed appearances. It is finished in a variety of matte, gloss, and high gloss finishes. Add a high gloss finish, and your floors will look like they came out of the design pages!

Thickness matters and, while 8-mm is the average, you should go as high as 10-mm or 12-mm for an authentic hardwood feeling; this is the look of hardwood without the cost.

Design option: LVT flooring

LVF is cut into square, groutable tile-sized pieces meant to mimic stone, such as marble, granite,slate, limestone or travertine, or tile. The square pieces come in a wide assortment of bold patterns such as hexagons, chevrons, herringbones, geometrics, and florals, among others; some even go so far as to add grout, now considered a colorful design tool.

All LVF is low maintenance with only a daily sweeping and periodic mopping required. It is recommended to use a manufacturer-approved cleaner and to avoid wax, shine promoting products as they can dull the finish.

Installation can be an uncomplicated floating floor. With this technique, the pieces click together and then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue. Any subfloor is acceptable, but it must be clean, dry, and level. We service the Spencerport, Webster, and Rochester areas and provide free quotes. To learn more about luxury vinyl flooring, visit one of our showrooms in Spencerport or Webster, NY.