Whether it’s vinyl plank flooring, LVT flooring, or sheet vinyl, this is one of the most durable products on the market, and, thanks to that, it requires very little care. It still, however, requires some routine but minimal maintenance. Christian Flooring, your source for luxury vinyl flooring in Webster, NY, offers some tips for keeping your floor looking great and performing well for decades.

Routine care

Sweep regularly (daily, if possible) with a soft broom, getting into corners and, when possible, under cabinets and appliances.  The reason this is so important is so that dirt doesn’t embed and scratch. Mop weekly, being sure to sweep well first, and know that the best mop is microfiber; sponge mops tend to push the dirt around. Use a non-abrasive, manufacturer-approved cleaner or make your own with one cup of apple cider vinegar (or you can use white if you want to disinfect) to one gallon of warm water. The vinegar is acidic enough to remove stains, but not so much that it will hurt the finish, but be sure it’s diluted.

If the floor is very dirty, you can add a drop of dish detergent, but then let it dry and mop it again, this time with only the vinegar and water. For stains, create a paste of ½-cup baking soda and a few tablespoons of water. (You’ll have to experiment to get the right consistency; it should be paste-like but still spreadable.) Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then mop.

Prevention is better than treatment

We’ve all heard that phrase many times, and it especially applies here. Wipe spills immediately, put mats strategically, and avoid dragging or pulling furniture across the floors; you can use a  dolly, moving blanket, or furniture slider (You can find them in hardware stores.)  If the furniture isn’t too heavy, or if you have help, you can lift and carry it.

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