Loose lay is a flooring installation technique; like the floating floor, it doesn’t need glue or nails to stay in position. However, it doesn't have a locking mechanism, and there are no fasteners or tongue and grooves to click first; the pieces lie there in place, using friction to hold them.

With a large assortment of designs, colors, and styles, loose lay vinyl is becoming an increasingly popular option. You’ll get an enthusiastic response from us when you say you want loose-lay vinyl plank flooring (LVP) or LVT. It’s quick and easy, which, for you, translates into a less expensive process.  Let’s talk more about this when you are shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Spencerport, NY.

Getting a grip

Whether you install LVT flooring or LVP,  you'll see pieces with a rubber backing that enables them to lie flat. The backing provides enough traction so that the blocks will hold on to the subfloor without moving. Subfloors should be clean, debris-free, dry, and very smooth.

Benefits of loose lay flooring installation

Because of the rubber backing, these floors have superior sound elimination; whether it’s for upper levels of residential or commercial spaces, you'll immediately notice this reduction.  It also has a cushion-like quality, so it’s going to be easier on joints with some insulation to keep you warmer from concrete subfloors or those cold, snowy upstate NY winters.

Loose lay vinyl options are easy to move and reinstall in another house or room.  They are durable and moisture-resistant, last for decades when taken care of properly, and, like any vinyl, are low maintenance.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our work we offer both a lifetime guarantee and a “right now redo,” meaning that if you aren’t happy, we’ll reinstall a new floor for free. We also customize area rugs, complete floor repair, have a sample lending program, as well as a mobile showroom if you would prefer to shop in the convenience of your own home.

Get in touch with our Rochester area LVF experts

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