Homeowners choose luxury vinyl flooring for various reasons, from outstanding appearance options to durability that is hard to rival in its class. However, there’s another aspect of installing these floors that can give you personalized appearances for any space.

Installation patterns can vary widely, leaving you with the perfect touch for any space. We’re going to look at a few that might be just what you’re looking for in a flooring look, so read along.

LVT flooring could be what you’re looking for

There are seemingly unending patterns in which your vinyl plank flooring or LVT flooring can be installed, especially if you’re working with a designer. Here are just a few that might add great character to your lifestyle or décor style.

  • Grid Pattern – In this pattern, all your pieces are aligned perfectly to create straight lines and continuity.
  • Staggered Pattern – As the name implies, the pieces are staggered to alternating sides, which is an excellent option for patterns that involve more than one color.
  • Offset Pattern – Pieces in this layout are offset by half, where every other line is the same.
  • Herringbone Pattern – Often referred to as a fish scale layout, they can also look like a chevron to the untrained eye.
  • Diagonal Pattern – Patterns feature at 45-degree offset.
  • Corridor Pattern – Another type of grid pattern that is offset by intervening rows.
  • Weave Pattern – A pattern that offers a woven effect.
  • Random Pattern – As you might expect, pieces in this pattern are arranged in no particular order or design.

A Rochester, NY vinyl plank flooring store you can trust

When you’re looking for excellent luxury vinyl flooring in Rochester, NY, Christian Flooring is a great place to start. We specifically serve Spencerport, Webster, and Rochester, NY, all from our two showrooms in Spencerport and Webster, NY.

If you’re looking for personalized installation patterns, be sure to visit us to talk about your favorites. We’ll help you design the luxury vinyl flooring you’ve always wanted and so much more.