For many years, tile-look and wood-look flooring was essentially composed of a picture of the said material laminated to a durable backboard. Now, mind you, many of those products are still around today, and the images are quite realistic. Nevertheless, there is something about looking at a three-dimensional item that is portrayed in a two-dimensional medium. The texture had to be added.

Enter luxury vinyl flooring

Because of vinyl's remarkable versatility, these floors are made to capture either wood or tile's texture and feel. You can touch and feel every impression and dimple in the tile and every grain pattern in the wood material. This material is so realistic to see and touch that many of your friends and family may never know that it is a vinyl floor.

Beauty as well as texture

When it comes to mimicking the look of wood, luxury vinyl plank flooring takes the cake. It is made in planks and assembled very much like one would form hardwood. They are durable and mimic a wide range of types and styles of wood. Pretty much, if the wood material is out there, then a vinyl plank floor exists to duplicate its look.

The same thing can be said for tile. LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tile) is made in squares or rectangles and assembles much like you would produce a ceramic or porcelain floor. This material is beautiful to behold, right down to its textured grout lines. And all of it is durable and waterproof to boot.

Your Rochester area LVF experts

At Christian Flooring, we are your home for luxury vinyl flooring in Spencerport, NY. Come by one of our two showrooms, either in Spencerport or Webster, NY, and have a look at this material for yourself. With its texture, it may even fool you. We serve the broader area of Rochester, NY, as well. Come by and take a peek at luxury vinyl flooring options with all the texture you can ask for.