When most people consider a remodel in their home, they generally focus on the rooms where they spend the most time (typically the living room and kitchen). While it’s certainly important for these rooms to look and feel great, you also want to be sure you aren’t neglecting the out-of-the-way areas of your home such as your laundry room.

Most homeowners think of their laundry room strictly in terms of functionality. However, your laundry room can also look great if you’re careful about picking the right flooring. Examine a few of these flooring ideas for your laundry room so you can pick an option that will look and function great in your home.

Flooring to Avoid

Before we talk about the flooring options that will be perfect for your laundry room, it’s a good idea to examine a few options you should avoid. Picking one of these materials may be a good choice in other areas of your home, but could cause problems if installed in your laundry room.

You should never install carpet in your laundry room. While it may look great initially, the increased moisture in laundry rooms can easily grow mold in your carpet. This will reduce its appearance and it could potentially place your family’s health at risk.

Hardwood is another flooring material you should refrain from. In almost every other room in your home, hardwood is a fantastic choice. However, as you probably know, hardwood flooring and moisture simply don’t mix, and if you install wood flooring in your laundry room, you’ll be looking at a replacement sooner rather than later.

Vinyl is a Fantastic Option

When you’re trying to decide what the right laundry room flooring option for your home is, we suggest you take a look at vinyl. Modern vinyl flooring is extremely attractive and possesses several ideal characteristics for a laundry room.

First, you can choose vinyl in a variety of designs, meaning you can easily pick a great-looking option to boost your laundry room’s aesthetic beauty. For example, if you have wood flooring outside of your laundry room, you can choose vinyl flooring that looks like wood, allowing you to create a seamless transition into the room.

Second, you can purchase vinyl flooring for a budget-friendly price. Because your laundry room is rarely a showcase room, you may want to go for a lower cost option. Choosing vinyl will help you save money you can put toward improving the rest of your home.

Finally, vinyl flooring can quickly be installed and will last for years to come. Sheet vinyl, for instance, is one of the most water-resistant flooring materials in the entire world, making it a great choice for laundry rooms.

Ceramic tile or Stone in Your Laundry Room

Ceramic tile in a laundry room can be beautiful from a design standpoint and is great for durability; It is both water and chemical resistant. You can choose large tiles with little grout or seal the flooring to make cleaning a breeze. Choose a natural finish over a high polished tile to help resist scratching.

Stone flooring can add an elegant touch and is durable, but it is a pricier option to install. It is also important that the stone be well-sealed to prevent etching and staining from chemicals.

As always, when choosing flooring for any room in your home, the most important thing is to choose what is right for your household. We have provided some of our favorite options from a aesthetic and functionality standpoint.

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