Ready or not, fall and winter are right around the corner. If you are ready to freshen up your home for the changing season, here are the hottest upcoming color trends to try. Whether it’s a new coat of paint, some new accessories, or a new piece of furniture, always stick with what you love and let the trends inspire you!

1. Navy

The hottest upcoming color trend for fall and winter 2018 is navy! It’s the perfect easy on the eyes, cozy color for the upcoming colder months. To fully embrace this trend, try doing the walls with a navy and gold geometric patterned wallpaper and keep the accessories to a minimum so that this gorgeous color can be the focal point of the room

2. Modern Neutral Color Tones

This is a classically elegant, calming, and simple look with a focus on natural looking wood or bamboo furniture. Think wood grains and natural patinas. To get the look, start with a piece of natural wood furniture for the focal point, then add in a neutral block rug, some softly patterned pottery, and a couple of comfy neutral colored chairs.

3. Old Fashioned Pinks 

Old fashioned, dusty pinks will be hot this fall. Dusty pink tones will add color and warmth to your rooms and pair well with darker neutrals, metallics, and grays. Consider adding upholstered pieces in a vibrant pink or go subtler with layered fabrics and textures that create interest.

4. Jet Black

This trend is all about monochrome and black accessories. Even if large amounts of black aren’t your thing, you can still make this trend work for you by painting the walls white, adding some black throughout your room, and then adding in some white accessories to balance everything out. 

5. Gold

The gold trend is going to carry over from spring and summer and remain very popular for fall. You are still going to see a lot of gold accessories and, believe it or not, gold carpeting is going to be everywhere! Gold tones look spectacular when paired with mid-century modern furniture!

6. Jewel Tones

Dark, cozy colors will be very popular for fall and winter. In fact, Sherwin Williams has named the emerald green meets sapphire tone, Oceanside, as its color of the year and the Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet. Try going subtle with this trend by adding jewel toned throw pillows, or go bold with a velvet, jewel toned sofa. If that’s a little too much drama for you, try a softer tone like lilac. 

7. Metallics 

Metallics are the new neutrals for the upcoming season. Bright metallics can add a brilliant contrast in your décor while muted metallics can add sophistication. They can be bold and bright or soft and glowy, either way they’re lush and seductive. Try soft metallic tone throw pillows on a pale pink sofa or go dramatic by placing a bright metallic against black or taupe. These inspiring trends for fall and winter 2018 will add a warm, cozy touch to your home that’s perfect for the colder weather. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!