Are you getting tired of the mid-century modern (think wood grain and tapered legs) and all white kitchen looks that have been dominating the design world lately? If you want to try something a little more unique and personal, the kitchen is the perfect place to bring in vintage design trends from just about any decade. Whether you like the bold looks of the 30’s or kitschy trends from the 60’s, your kitchen can get a fresh new look with these fun design trends from the past.

5 Vintage Kitchen Design Trends We’re Loving:

1. Decorative Flooring

If you want a change from the traditional hardwood flooring seen a lot in recent years, consider a bolder approach. Statement floor tiles were super popular back in our grandparents’ day, and they’ve been gaining popularity recently. To incorporate this vintage trend in your kitchen, try doing a black and white checkerboard pattern, or if you really want to make a statement, consider Moroccan style tiles or other fun, funky patterns. If you’re not ready to commit to something quite that bold, porcelain tiles in neutral tones, like white and light gray, placed in a checkerboard pattern, can give you a chic, yet subtle, retro look.

2.     Retro-look Appliances

Several top-of-the-line appliance manufacturers are coming out with a variety of vintage-inspired appliances in gorgeous, soft, pastel hues that will bring a sense of fun and personality to your kitchen. These cute vintage-look appliances can complement almost any kitchen- from mid-century modern to beach cottage. And, don’t worry! If pastel is not your thing, some companies offer their retro line in white and even stainless steel. It’s the best of both worlds- vintage style accompanied by the high-performance features you expect from today’s kitchen appliances.

3.     Pastel Hued Kitchen Accents

Pastel hues in the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular, especially with younger homeowners. Gentle shades of robin’s egg blue, mint, and rose can work great as an accent color in the kitchen. Consider doing something like a modern countertop, such as butcher block, in a pastel shade. The key is to combine retro accents along with modern pieces to give your kitchen a vintage look, without making it look dated.

4.     Fixtures and Accents

Pairing vintage accents and fixtures with modern design can give your kitchen a vintage feel that doesn’t seem dated. Vintage accents are a great way to incorporate a vintage feel without the commitment of major renovations. For accents with a retro touch, think vintage signs and sunburst mirrors. Or, pair an old fashioned, drainboard-style sink with chrome cross-handle faucets. You could even go for a vintage feel with your lighting by including Sputnik chandeliers or schoolhouse pendants.

5.     Bold Pops of Bright Color

Bold pops of bright color can be every bit as retro as pastels, and small appliance makers are jumping on this popular new trend.

Try adding a bright, vivid coffee maker or mixer in a retro style to bring a bit of cheer and drama to your kitchen space. Or, you could balance brightly colored kitchen appliances, like turquoise or plum, with neutral shades like ivory, beige, or black throughout the rest of the room. Just remember, you are going for bold, not loud, so don’t go overboard.

These fun trends are a great way to add vintage flair to your kitchen. Just remember not to go overboard or you could end up with a dated look.