When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, sometimes ordinary is just not enough. That is why we, at Christian Flooring, have become your dealer for Earthwerks luxury vinyl in Rochester, NY. What’s the big deal about Earthwerks? Follow along and we’ll give you a quick tour.

A company serious about flooring

There are some qualities that you can expect to find in every LVT flooring that we offer. To begin with, they are waterproof. Whether there is a small amount or a large amount of water, these tiles and planks will not warp, buckle, swell, stain, fade, or break down due to the moisture. From beginning to end, they are a waterproof floor.

They are also low maintenance. You do not need to wax them or reseal them. Sweep them and mop on occasion and your floor will stay looking as good as the day you bought it for many years. They are durable and as a result, are pretty kid-friendly and pet friendly. They also are hypoallergenic and do not collect the dander of those four-legged family members. Finally, they help insulate your house for sound and don’t echo like many other hard surfaces can do.

But Earthwerks doesn’t stop there

We want to ensure that your vinyl plank flooring is strong and long-lasting. Introducing “Tuff Shield” from Earthwerks. All LVT and LVP flooring have a surface coating to prevent scratching; Earthwerks products have a double-coating. The second coating is formed by a liquid urethane that is embedded with aluminum-oxide flakes. These flakes strengthen the scratch-resistance of your floor manyfold, making this the most resilient floor on the market.

The goodness goes on

And, we’re not done yet! LVT flooring from Earthwerks comes in three different forms that can be installed in different manners. There are traditional glue-down planks and tiles. This is the most traditional way of installing these floors. There is also a click system, which allows the individual pieces to lock in with one another to create a strong floating floor. This application is especially helpful if you have some slight imperfections in your subfloor. Finally, some products are simply loose laid together. They lay on the floor and can come up and be replaced at any point. Both the loose lay floors and the click system make for portable floors, allowing you to move them from place to place if you choose.

All Earthwerks LVT flooring is designed to look and feel like the wood or tile they imitate. Their texture is deeply embossed in the materials and they feel as good as they look. Further, we offer price points that can meet just about any budget.

We are Christian Flooring, and we take pride in serving you with the best products and the best service possible; that is why we choose to work with Earthwerks. We serve the areas around Spencerport, Webster, and Rochester, NY and we would like to serve you. This is a product that you need to see to fully appreciate; give us a call or come by our showroom so we can show off this very special luxury vinyl flooring.