We’ve all been to a party that we absolutely adored and talked about for weeks afterward, and we’ve probably all been to a party where we sat around playing on our phone until it was thankfully time to go home.  The best parties are truly memorable, because they captivate their guests on so many levels. You have truly mastered the art of hosting an event or party when you can encapsulate your party goers in experiences that indulge and entertain all of their senses.With the ever changing trends in home design and entertainment, there are many exciting ways you can be the host or hostess with the mostest. Here are some of our amazing DIY ideas to play to the senses to be the best party host ever:

Sight: Sight is the most obvious and the most likely thing we reference when recalling a memory. An easy way to catch the eye’s attention is through color, and we can easily add color to our blank canvas through fabric. Everyone should know the basics of sewing if they are running their own household. From just the practical uses of it for repairing clothes and linens, you can also get pretty creative on a budget to keep your home reflecting the current holiday or event. Many fabric stores have huge sales on holiday fabric throughout the year, and taking advantage of these can keep your decorating budget in check. Use these fabrics and your basic sewing skill to make pillow covers, runners for the coffee table, or festive curtains! This can also appeal to your sense of touch. Choose fabrics with interesting textures for a unique approach! The best part of this is that they pack away and can be stored in a compact manner, because let’s face it, there is never enough storage.

Some popular choices of colors and patterns this year are:

  • Rose Gold
  • Ultra Violet, the 2018 Color of the Year
  • Quatrefoil or Moroccan Inspired
  • Rose and Floral Patterns
  • Arrow Patterns
  • Mermaids and Nautical Patterns

Smell: Sight is not the only sense that can create a memorable experience, scent also plays a large role in the experiences that we have. Find light scents that remind you of the time of year that you are in. Beware to not mix too many smells or pick a scent that is too pungent as many people can be sensitive to this. Flowers are a great way to add an item that will appeal to both sight and smell!

Popular scents:

  • Vanilla
  • Rose or Sweet Pea
  • Cinnamon or any Kind of Baked Good
  • Citrus

Sound: Don’t rule out sound. A little light ambient music in the background can create an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. Just make sure to keep the volume at a level that does not hinder conversation or give someone a headache. Light instrumentals are a great choice.

Party Pleasing Spotify Playlists:

  • Acoustic Covers
  • Party Playlist 2017
  • 80 & 90 Rock & Pop Soft Music

Taste: Lastly, all the best hosts have something to eat and drink to offer their guests! To wow your guests, we suggest choosing simple dishes with clean readable flavors using local ingredients to showcase what your community has to offer.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make your home beautiful and appealing to all of the senses, as well as to make sure that your guests have a time they’ll never forget!  For more amazing ideas on home hacks and DIY inspiration, keep following us at Christian Flooring.  Is there a project you’d like to learn more about?  Send us a message!  We’d love to hear from you.