Today’s economic statistics show that there are 3x the amount of freelancers in the workforce. Working at home is becoming more popular everyday. However, as wonderful as it sounds, working at home can be challenge without the right at home organization to help.

Here are 4 tips to build a home office that will make you motivated to work:

Build a Solid Desk with Storage - Don’t have a desk or the finances to purchase a new desk immediately? No worries! Desks exist to function first and look great, second. A solid piece of plywood or a sturdy, flat door are easily converted into the desktop work space you need.

Lay one of the above atop two (2) well-spaced file cabinets, approximately twenty-five to thirty inches (25-30’) in height, and you have Do-It-Yourself desk worth using for years to come. Plus, your desk’s “legs” now have ample storage space for filing examples of your hard, home-based work! 

2.Make an Organizational Wall - This can be a corkboard or peg board, upon which you pin outlines or breakdowns for the day, week, or month’s work. Use bins to hold notebooks, paper, and supplies. 

As an extra touch, you can add a whiteboard, an ever-present office staple. Be it small or large like the size of your wall, whiteboards provide the opportunity to grab an marker and write notes the instant they burst into your mind. And when you get an even better idea, you can easily erase-and-replace. Make part of your organizational wall a chalkboard wall. Simply outline the wall in tape, and paint it with chalkboard paint.

3.Eliminate Strain - Studies show that over 50 percent of computer uses suffer from eye strain. Have your Computer Work Station be level with your eyes. Your home office, like that of any cubicle warrior’s corporate space, can present certain challenges to your comfort and productivity. Fortunately, one that’s easily remedied is the strain that the height of your computer monitor places on your eyes.

A great way to make sure that your computer monitor is on a level plain with your eyes: turn on your computer’s camera application. If your eyes land right in the center of the screen, you’re definitely close to meeting your physical comfort goal. And the more comfortable you are, the more productivity you’ll enjoy. There are plenty of monitor platforms that you can buy to get the right level, or use a D.I.Y. solution: books! We all have several large, hardback books lying around. Stack several of those tomes and, lo and behold, your computer monitor is conveniently resting on eye-level. 

4. It’s Feng Shui Time - Quality of air and natural light are keys to a positive and productive working environment. So a few plants, which generate clean air, and several adjacent windows are highly recommended. 

Orient your desk in a commanding position by not having your back to the office door, and be mindful of not facing a wall while working. These place you in a position of power- ready to make your best business decisions.

In closing, try to keep your home office as far from your bedroom as possible, and have a clutter cleaning day at least once a week to be able to stay focused and organized. These tips will have you on your way to an organized home office improving motivation and productivity. 

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