If you purchase high quality, thick luxury vinyl flooring--whether plank or tile and have it installed correctly and maintain it well, you can expect a lifespan of 25 or 30 years. Not all LVT flooring is the same; thicker is always better, and the luxury version should always be at least 8-mm or 9-mm higher if you're considering vinyl plank flooring and want that authentic hardwood feel. A thinner vinyl may be less expensive, but it will have half the lifespan of a thicker one.

Consider construction

The luxury version of vinyl is a multi-layered product, and two of the layers play a significant role in longevity. One of those is the backing. It should have a high vinyl content, and the vinyl comes in either recycled or unused versions. As you might suspect, recycled vinyl is less durable and resilient than vinyl that was never used. To know about whether your backing is made of recycled or never used vinyl, talk to your flooring expert.

The second is the wear layer. The is the top, clear, melamine layer that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. It also helps with the waterproofing because it keeps spills at the top, waiting to be wiped off. Wear layers are measured in mils; yours should be at least 20-mils, but if you’re installing in a bustling, high traffic room, consider 28-mils.

Why is the image layer important?

That’s what gives it style! Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is a true-to-life echo of wood, tile, or stone, all available in an almost unlimited number of colors or patterns. Images are taken with 3D photography, so they’re clear, vibrant, and accurate; you'll see knots, grains, and veining variations. The floor is embossed to give it depth, dimension, and textured appearances, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed. It can be cut into square, groutable tile-sized pieces or planks to mimic hardwood boards or stone slabs.

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