A beautiful floor covering such as luxury vinyl flooring can be a significant asset to any home; in terms of visuals, durability, and functionality. But if you're a curious type, you might wonder how these materials are constructed.

Whether researching vinyl plank flooring, or LVP flooring, or luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT flooring, you'll find that both are constructed in much the same way, except the design layer. Let's take a closer look at the makeup of these materials.

Construction matters in luxury vinyl flooring

Finding out about your flooring materials' construction can help you understand how they work to give you the outstanding durability you want and need. That is especially true when it comes to luxury vinyl plank and tiles.

Both start with an excellent backing layer, which makes up more than half of the flooring's total composition. It helps prevent moisture, dents, and can feel much warmer under your feet than you might expect.

A core layer made of wood plastic composite (WPC), stone plastic composite (SPC), or 100% vinyl can work to make these floors entirely impervious to water. These are an excellent choice for basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms but are profitable in every place of your home.

The visual layer is created using laser 3D technology and offers the realistic appearance of solid hardwood and all-natural stone materials. As the years have progressed, so has the authenticity of these appearances, so many cannot tell the difference between luxury vinyl and the "real thing."

Finally, a top wear layer helps protect against daily wear. With fewer dents, dings, and scratches, you'll enjoy beautiful flooring for years.

Find out more about your vinyl plank flooring

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