This year is an exciting time for home decor enthusiasts. There are a lot of beautiful looks trending in the vinyl flooring arena. If you haven’t already zeroed in on a specific look, color and brand that also matches your budget, a quick look at this year’s top vinyl flooring trends may spark new ideas and give you the inspiration you need. 

1. Colors likely to make a splash
Dark and light hues are expected to dominate this year, with a slight difference: they will be extremely dark or extremely light like white stone and espresso. Demand for high color variation will also prevail, such as Flexitec Touch Of Comfort - Ultimate Terrance-515 515. The mix of these cooler tones gives a modern and eclectic feel. Another favored color trend for 2018 is the mixing of extremely dark and extremely light shades to create honey and blonde colored vinyl flooring. This warmer look is great for rooms with a lot of natural sunlight.

2. More texture and distressed looks

While classic smooth flooring will never go out of style, 2018 is a year for high variations in texture, including wirebrushed and handscraped vinyl flooring. Interest in time-worn rustic vinyl flooring will increase among homeowners seeking an alternative to natural wood flooring. A flooring option like the charcoal grey Custompro Weathered flooring that is both elegant and durable. It gives a chic-rustic hardwood look and comes with all of the benefits that come with vinyl flooring.

3. Inspiration from other flooring mediums

Vinyl flooring trends will borrow from the latest wood and tile flooring designs being favored by consumers across the country. This year many vinyl flooring styles are mimicking the look and feel of marble, wood, slate, concrete, metallic and travertine. These beautiful styles open up many new possibilities. You can let your imagination run wild with your plans for new designs this year.

4. Greater experimentation with patterns and widths

2018 will be a year for patterns you don’t commonly find in a majority of American homes. Go bold! Large planks, diagonal and hexagonal patterns and mixed widths are all the rage, particularly among those who want their flooring to serve as a statement piece.

5. Preference for luxury vinyl tile

The popularity of luxury vinyl flooring has soared in recent years as consumers increasingly opt for better quality and durability. The luxury vinyl tile market currently accounts for 6% of the 16 billion square foot-per year re-flooring market. Luxury vinyl flooring offers a higher quality of aesthetics, sturdiness and comfort. It is especially sought-after in kitchens and often used to imitate wooden planks. The look and texture of the luxury vinyl flooring has been created with care. They promise excellent comfort underfoot and have a high-end feel. Have a look at our catalog to see the refined look of our top-of-the-line selection of luxury vinyl flooring from leading manufacturers.

Vinyl is taking the flooring world by storm in 2018 and with all these new and stunning options it's easy to see why! So get inspired and go use these trends to guide your new look.

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