Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is an excellent idea in a variety of spaces, thanks to the many great benefits and characteristics found in the materials. It’s durable, good looking, and offers a waterproof option that makes it the choice of many homeowners all over the country. When you purchase your LVP floors, however, you’ll want to follow up that purchase with a great luxury vinyl flooring installation.

We'd like to offer a shortlist here featuring some of our most popular installation FAQ. If you still have questions at the end, feel free to visit our LVP flooring store at your convenience.

What type of subfloor can LVP attach to?

The most important thing about the subfloor to which your LVP is installed is that it is spotless, flat, and even. Any imperfections in the subfloor will eventually show through the vinyl. From there, it can create holes and require replacement very early on. It’s essential to fill any gaps or dips and remove nails or screws that might not be flush with the flooring.

How long does it take to install LVP?

This depends a great deal on how much flooring is being installed. A typical, average-sized installation can take from one to two days, especially for this variety. However, the humidity level and other factors can determine more or less time.

Does LVP need an underlayment?

This varies on the specific product you’ve purchased and your preferences. Click Love flooring can be affected by too think an underlayment, while WPC (wood plastic composite) and SPC (stone plastic composite) have no real need for underlayment at all. Always discuss this option with your LVP flooring retailer, who can give you concrete advice based on your product.

How soon after installation can I walk on my LVP floors?

If your LVP is the Click Lock variety, you can walk on these floors immediately after they are installed. However, if the materials have been glued into place, you should give them at least 48 hours before walking on the floors for the best results.

If you’re ready for your LVP floors to be installed, be sure to contact Christian Flooring at either of our showrooms located in Spencerport and Webster, NY. From there, we serve the Rochester, NY area as well. We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you.