When it comes to flooring, size formats can affect many things about the area into which it’s being installed. You can complement décor elements, chance the ambiance, and set the mood, especially in spaces where you entertain family or guests.

Vinyl plank flooring and more

There are two primary types of luxury vinyl for extensive options and results. The first one is vinyl plank flooring or LVP, and the second one is vinyl tile, better known as LVT flooring. The difference between the two is the format, but they both offer various sizes to meet your diverse requirements.

Vinyl plank offers various sizes, with standard lengths of 36 and 48 inches, and widths available from four to twelve inches. Six and nine-inch widths are most common, but if you’re looking for a unique size requirement, there are more options available to you.

With LVT flooring, the tile format also allows for a variety of sizes. Standard tiles sizes are nine, twelve, and eighteen inches square, but cutting these pieces into specific rectangle sizes for unique projects is certainly a viable option.

It's essential to keep in mind that larger formats, especially in tile, help to create the appearance of more space, especially if the large design can be repeated at least three times. On the other hand, smaller tiles work to create a cozier space from the added visuals.

We offer luxury vinyl flooring in Rochester, NY

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