The simple answer to this question is, no, there is no need to grout luxury vinyl tile flooring. There are grout lines in the tile, but these are in the tile itself. This means that all of the benefits that come from the waterproof vinyl apply to the whole floor, not just to the parts between grout lines.

Comparing luxury vinyl tile and regular tile flooring

When one lays porcelain or ceramic tile flooring, grout is needed to seal the seams between the tiles. Sometimes those seams are wide, which are designed to show off the grout and sometimes these seams are very narrow and the grout just provides a seal for the floor. Either way, grout is necessary to give you a complete and waterproof floor.

Luxury vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is designed to imitate the look of a tile floor without needing to seal the floor with grout. Grout lines are put into the artistic design for the benefit of appearance only and they do not affect the structure or working of the tile at all.

Depending on the model of luxury vinyl tile, they are designed either with tabs that insert into the adjacent tiles or with a sealed, overlap, which when put into place, neatly seals the floor together as a single flooring project. Most luxury vinyl products can even be installed as a floating floor rather than being physically glued down to the subfloor.

While we are on the topic, the same can be said for luxury vinyl plank products. They are designed to look like hardwood, but the gaps visible between the boards are again, a part of the design. Further, these floors seal together to provide a waterproof flooring solution for any part of your home.

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