One of the most critical steps in your wood flooring installation is the acclimation period, which can last from one to three days, depending on various factors. Today's post will tell you more about why this process is essential and what you can expect.

Wood flooring must be acclimated

Acclimation is a process that allows the wood flooring to reach a point of humidity that matches that inside your home. Once complete, both your flooring and the environment into which it was installed will match in temperature and humidity levels.

With proper acclimation, you never have to worry about buckling, warping, or splitting, all of which can lead to the necessity of replacing your entire flooring long before the lifespan has been reached. In this way, acclimation works as insurance against things that can happen because of humidity, moisture, and stark temperature changes.

Acclimating your floors is easy and begins by delivering the flooring materials to your home a few days before the installation is scheduled. Stacking the boxes, preferably open, perpendicularly to one another helps them come to a place of equilibrium, giving you the results you have always dreamed of for your wood floors.

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