When we were children, summer was a carefree and relaxing time. We looked forward to getting a break from school, and those of us who were extra lucky didn’t have to do chores either. Our biggest challenges were not being able to find enough available players for a neighborhood kickball game, or the pool being closed for the day.

As adults, summer takes on an entirely different meaning.  You may end up getting some pool or travel time, but as an adult these things come with a lot of work. In between planning vacations and heading to the pool, it is also more than likely, you are running around shuttling your kids to even more activities than usual, preparing for next semester’s school supply shopping, and enforcing the kid’s summer reading list. Sometimes summer can get so busy that you may still be trying to finish up your spring cleaning!

This summer try to find some time to relax, and attempt these easy DIY ideas. You can create a whole new feel for your home without dedicating an abundance of time or money. Once these new organizational ideas are integrated, you will have a clearer space which always helps when life gets busy.

  1. A DIY Reading Nook

Take a corner of the room or an unused closet and create a small personal reading spot. Adding a couple of shelves to store your favorite reads makes for a relaxing quiet space to drift off into your imagination. Kids can benefit from a reading nook since it is a space away from distractions like TVs and conversations in other rooms. A great tip is to use the bookshelf you add as your bench. Add a cushion and some throw pillows for decoration and comfort. A reading Nook for kids is easily created with some single wall shelves and a few pillows in the corner of a room. See examples of Kids reading nooks..

2.A Mudroom or Foyer Shoe/Backpack Holder

Muddy shoes can stay by the door with a mudroom catch-all space.  Placing shoes in a basket by the door also ensures that your child’s shoes are always in the same spot.  Saving that ten minutes that it takes for them to find their shoes, backpacks, jackets or hats goes a long way.  A small mudroom with hooks for bags not only saves time and space, it can save your floors from muddy traction.

3. A Storage Shelf for Toiletries

Finding extra storage space is always a challenge, especially in the bathroom.  Most of the time you may be able to find the perfect amount of space right above the bathroom door.  This DIY space saver is as easy as a couple of brackets from the hardware store and a single shelf the width of the door frame.  A set of decorative baskets will work if you prefer your toiletries hidden.

4. Kitchen Sink Glass Shelf

The glass shelf in front of a kitchen sink window blends well with the glass look without obstructing your natural light.  Glass shelves in front of a window also make it a great space to grow some of your indoor garden. Measure out your space and use quarter-round molding for instant, easy glass shelving.

5. Mirrors on Bifold Closet Doors

Mirrors are one of the handiest additions you can add to a room to make a room appear bigger.  Hang mirrors on your bifold closet doors to add flair to the boring look of plain doors as well as brightening the room a bit more.

6. Wall Side Night/Light Table

A wall shelf is a great spot for your summer reading, a pair of glasses, and room for your phone as it charges.  Just a small addition for your nightcap routine can make summer days have peaceful nights.

7. Floating Corner Shelves for Door Corners

Sometimes there is too little wall space for the traditional bookshelves you may need for various items.  Floating corner wall shelves make for a great substitute especially since they can easily fit into corners next to a doorway without obstructing the open state of the door itself.

8. Repainted Front Door with Added Crown Molding

The entrance to your home is the first impression people will get when visiting your home.  A quick refresh during your summer free time will have you ready to welcome cooler weather. Repaint your current door with a fresh color. Add crown molding right above the door to fancy it up a little more.  The ledge may also give you an additional space for foliage or decoration.

9. Address Number Wall Planter

Flowers always add a welcoming touch to your facade.  Make your address numbers vizable and colorful with a DIY address number wall planter.  Wood from a stray palette will work wonders.

10. Hide the Ugly with a Trash Can Shed 

Hide the ugly with a decorative trash can shed.  A quick shed can be built with pallet wood. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. Even a simple trash can shed is more appealing than a row of grimy trash cans on the side of your home.

By taking advantage of these simply summer DIY ideas -- your life will truly change.  For more amazing do-it-yourself ideas, make sure to check back often to the Christian Flooring blog.