Making sure that your family will be comfortable in your home requires a lot of thought and consideration, particularly when it comes to choosing your flooring. Without the right flooring, your family won’t have the level of comfort that they deserve, and your home won’t be as attractive as you want.

Fortunately, picking a high-quality flooring that will fit your family’s needs isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially if you keep a few important factors in mind. Here are some tips for choosing family and pet-friendly flooring in your home that will stay fresh, be attractive, and give your family comfort.

Start with Functionality

The flooring that you pick out will largely depend on the specific needs of your family and home. For example, if you have small children, then your needs can be much different than other people’s. We feel balancing what you want with what you need at a value you feel great about, is most important.

When it comes to a practical, family and pet-friendly flooring, the three most common factors to consider are stain resistance, durability, and cleanability. Having stain resistant flooring means you won’t have to worry about a spill when your kids or pets are playing around your home. What a relief! There is an abundance of options for flooring which means you can find the right option for however long you want your flooring to look like new. You can get a more durable option that will last for years to come, or for those of you who remodel often, you can go for style over durability. Lastly, you will want to consider cleanability. For example, with carpeting, a wool carpet will be much harder to clean than our Triexta SmartStrand. So you may use the SmartStrand for well trafficked areas in your family’s home, but use a wool carpet in a home-office. there are many different choices, so it’s a great idea to speak with a flooring specialist before making any decisions.

Don’t Ignore Comfort

You walk on the flooring in your home everyday! It’s vital that you pick an option that’s comfortable underfoot. No one wants to walk across a carpet that’s rough or scratchy, or a tile that sticks to your feet. This is why you need to actually feel every flooring material that you’re considering installing in your home. (We recommend borrowing a few of our samples so you compare how they feel and also see how they’ll look in your home’s lighting). Comfort is a big deal and it’s your home. Expect the best.

Pick Flooring that Looks Great

Although functionality and comfort are two important aspects you should keep in mind when choosing family and pet-friendly flooring, you also want flooring that will look great and add to the overall aesthetic of your home. Even if a particular flooring material checks off all your other boxes, it isn’t the right choice for your home if you don’t love the way it looks.

The color and pattern of your floor can be important to the overall look in your home. Do you want a look that flows with the furniture already in the room, or is it time for a complete makeover? Think about what look you are going for and the colors that you want in your home. If you are searching for a new look, check out our social pages for some great inspiration!

Choosing family and pet-friendly flooring is an extremely important decision. Luckily, by following these tips, you should easily be able to pick out an option that will look and feel great while meeting your families needs and all at a great value.

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