Removing and reinstalling luxury vinyl plank flooring is not only possible, but it's also recommended. If you have flooring that requires replacement in some room areas, but others still look good, you can save time, money, and landfill fodder by reusing the suitable materials.

Here’s what you need to know about reinstalling LVF

The most important fact is that you can only remove and reinstall luxury vinyl flooring if you have utilized the floating floor installation method. Since these pieces only click together to install, they are just as easy to remove by taking the pieces apart in reverse.

Once removed, carefully clean the pieces and if they are structurally sound through and through, they can easily be reinstalled again. If they don’t have a lot of wear, we can often install them with the new pieces, intermingling them for a unique appearance that offers beautiful results.

As always, these floors work in any room of the home, especially if they have waterproof cores and are easy to move to another area. If you have more questions about removing and reinstalling these materials, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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