Can luxury vinyl tile look like stone?

Yes, and in fact, stone looks are considered to be a hot trend coming in 2021. Stone looks are classic and elegant. Luxury vinyl comes as either LVT flooring of vinyl plank flooring. You can use either to echo quarried rock; some prefer the tiles because they feel the extra seams add to the realism. Others, however, prefer vinyl planks for the more continuous look of quarried slabs. When shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Rochester, NY, please think of us as your one-stop source.

First things first: About luxury vinyl

We see this material in every room in the house and in some very high-end homes where once nothing but genuine wood or stone would even be considered. Wood, stone, and tile looks, taken digitally, are so clear and vibrant sometimes even the flooring experts can't tell the difference. Embossing adds depth dimension and textured features, and it’s finished in matte, gloss, or high gloss colors. Luxury vinyl follows all the trends, including stone and wood, bold patterns and colors, textures, and more.

Stone looks include:

  • Marble, which is elegant and timeless. It has unusual veining--no two slabs are ever alike and a smooth, shiny, translucent surface.
  • Limestone complements your home’s architectural design and décor with its natural beauty and variety of colors.
  • Travertine, recognized as the stuff of castles and ancient architecture, has a beautiful neutral color palette.
  • Slate has a contemporary look that is thought to become ultra-trendy in 2121.
  • Granite features flecks and grains of different colors. Veins can vary in size and pattern, from small lines and details to broad, sweeping veins depending on the variety.

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