Homeowners who have recently installed luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring often wonder about the best ways to clean their flooring. Among the many ways to do so, it is frequently asked if luxury vinyl flooring can be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning is an excellent choice for other flooring types so let's find out more about this question.

Cleaning your Rochester, NY vinyl plank flooring

We know that steam cleaning has a lot of advantages, especially for highly traveled surfaces. The process utilizes steaming hot vapor that alleviates dirt and grime while also killing germs for a healthier space. However, that same steam that cleans some surfaces so well can do irreparable damage to your luxury vinyl floors.

Even waterproof luxury vinyl cannot withstand the steam, which penetrates through grooves and seams, forcing them to warp and bend. Since these floors are entirely synthetic in makeup, they do not do well under the kind of intense heat emitted by steam cleaning. But there are many great ways to clean these floors instead.

As with any floor covering, daily sweeping or damp mopping is a great way to maintain these materials. A microfiber mop head and a gentle, manufacturer-recommended cleaner are perfect for regular once a week cleaning. It's a much better option than a traditional mop, which can leave excess water behind.

Runners, floor mats, and area rugs are also a great way to protect these floors. When placed in busy spaces, it can work to catch and trap much of the dirt and debris that could otherwise scratch and mar your flooring. Instead, these rugs act like a pre-cleaning trap that you can shake out and clean daily.

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