Patterning your flooring is a great way to create a personalized appearance that looks great, especially with eclectic or unique décor styles. We often see this done in natural stone, tile, and solid hardwood applications, but can it be done with luxury vinyl flooring?

To quickly answer the question, yes! It is possible, but some considerations are important to establish, right from the start. We’ll take some time now to go over a few of those.

Choosing herringbone patterns that work

The first step in any good flooring installation is a super good cleaning job. Some materials require more cleanup than others, such as tile or carpet, so you really can’t vacuum too many times.

For the perfect herringbone, a room should be completely square. However, since that isn’t always the case, especially in older homes, we’ll take precise measurements and start the installation in a way that creates the best pattern in the end.

Some homeowners prefer grout between their herringbone pieces, which will take a little extra time as we install spacers to assure the perfect placement and to assure that all the pieces are the same space apart from one another. We will discuss the process with you so that you know exactly what to expect along the way.

One of the best things about this pattern is that it matches so well with a variety of décor options and brings a fantastic elegance into any space. It’s also affordable, leaving you with a real wood-floor herringbone look at just a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Picking the right retailer for your vinyl plank flooring

For great luxury vinyl in Rochester, NY, feel free to visit Christian Flooring at either of our showrooms in Spencerport and Webster, NY. Our associates are ready to take on any size flooring project, including those with special requirements due to the preferences of the homeowner. We proudly serve the Spencerport, Webster, and Rochester, NY communities, and look forward to helping you find your perfect vinyl plank flooring as well.