Yes, and gray wood flooring rides on another trend, that of earthy neutral color palettes. You can get all shades of gray, from light to dark, and color combinations such a greige, a blend of gray, and beige.

Why gray?

Whether it’s grey solid hardwood flooring, engineered, or wood looks in luxury vinyl or laminate, gray floors are timeless, elegant, and versatile, working in any atmosphere from traditional and warm and cozy to industrial chic, contemporary, California coastal, and more.

These floors have a glass-like appearance that enhances natural light and open spaces to make rooms feel airy. They even camouflage scratches and stains, making cleaning very easy.

Of course, we have many other colors and shades of hardwood in both solid and engineered versions from manufacturers such as Mohawk. Feel free to come into one of our Rochester area showrooms to explore our inventory.

Gray isn't just gray

What we mean by that is that there are always undertones, which are secondary colors. For example, some grey floors have a slate blue hue, while others may have yellow, brown, beige, red, or green, and this can either highlight or clash when choosing coordinating colors. You can either stay completely around the undertone; for instance, if it's slate-blue, you might want to use other blues, such as teal, or you can stray a bit as long as it harmonizes.

We always advise our customers to invest $20 or so in a color wheel so you can see what works best or what to avoid.

What look do you want to achieve?

This is something you should decide even before you walk into the hardwood flooring company. Do you want a bold visual statement? Think about red accessories to make the floor pop. Yellow is cheerful and sunny; green is excellent for rustic, organic looks, and pink or purple will create a romantic atmosphere.

No one can dispute the appeal of hardwood flooring; it's rich, warm, and elegant and comes with an assortment of functional capabilities, including strength. We're in Rochester, NY (and have two other showrooms in Spencerport and Webster) and service Greece, Spencerport, Webster, Henrietta, and Irondequoit. Be sure to ask about our free quotes.