It’s one of the most popular flooring materials and, as the saying goes, the more popular, the more myths and misinformation. This flooring is a remarkable, true-to-life image of wood, stone, or tile. We hear the same questions over and over in our showroom so we’ve put together this luxury vinyl (LVF) guide to address them completely.

Not like what you may remember from decades ago

No more flat, dull images! The photographic layer is taken with 3D photography so images are clear and accurate. You’ll see knots, grains, wormholes, veining variations, and vibrant patterns and colors. Thanks to technology, embossing adds depth, dimension, as well as textured appearances such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed.

A great design option is that LVF can be cut into vinyl plank flooring or square, groutable tile-sized pieces, LVT flooring. Both follow industry trends so you can get gray, light, or whitewashed wood floors, mixed-width planks, and patterns such as herringbone or chevron. Textures, too, are big this year, as are matte finishes.

If you haven’t seen it, ask Christian Flooring to show you samples in their Webster NY flooring store.

Waterproof, durable, and affordable

LVF is completely impervious to liquid. The flooring keeps liquid from absorbing for many hours, up to 16 some say. It’s a layered product and, at the top, is a clear melamine wear sheet that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. It is impossible to "walk-off" the image.

While it looks just like the real thing, you won’t pay anywhere close to the price of wood, stone, or tile.

It is easy to clean with just a daily sweeping and periodic mopping. Installation is the floating floor technique. Pieces click together to form a mat which then hovers over the subfloor. It doesn’t require extensive work, but sometimes the installer will sand the subfloor to be sure it’s debris-free and level; otherwise, imperfections can telegraph to the surface floor.

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