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Custom Area Rugs


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Unique custom area rugs just for you

Custom area rugs come in handy for a lot more than just soft spaces on hard floor coverings. In fact, they are very useful and beneficial in many ways. Furthermore, you can utilize custom built rugs on not only hardwood, tile, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, but on carpet as well.

The best thing about area rugs from Christian Flooring in Rochester, is that they can be custom ordered and created especially with your own existing décor in mind. Anyone can go out and pick up an area rug, but to have one tailor made, especially for you, is a bit more special.

Why use custom area rugs on hard floors

Custom built rugs are great when used on existing hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, tile and laminate. Not only do they protect your hard floor surface from dirt, debris, indentations from furniture legs and pet nail scratches, they can also provide a bit of warmth for your feet in colder weather.

Why use custom area rugs on carpet

Some people think it’s a bit of overkill to use custom rugs on carpet. However, it makes as much sense to use it on carpet, as on hard surfaces. Since carpet can be weighted down by furniture and heavy traffic, your area rug can provide real protection. You might find that your carpet has a longer lifespan as well, when using area rugs.
Custom area rugs in Rochester NY by Christian Flooring

Custom area rugs for your unique needs

There are many uses for these amazing rugs, but none as important as the ones you choose yourself! Maybe you’d like to give a gift that’s personal and unique, but you can’t quite come up with anything. Everyone needs area rugs, so why not try one?

Do you have a special room devoted to a hobby, a favorite sports team, or a particular member of the family? The perfect rug can add a lot of personality in such a room, and give you the satisfaction of knowing it was made just for you.

There are so many options, you may feel like a kid in a candy store! Choose from your favorite fabrics, backings, sizes, shapes, designs and color combinations, to come up with a rug that truly reflects your personal style and décor tastes. There’s nothing quite like having a custom area rug in your own home.