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When you’re looking for the perfect carpet flooring in Rochester, NY, you don’t want just any old carpet. In fact, you want something that’s going to fit your decor, offer excellent benefits, and give you a lifespan that means you won’t have to replace it for some time to come. Your home is your oasis from the world, and you certainly deserve to have exactly what you want in place when it comes to flooring you love.

For the very best carpet flooring in your Rochester, NY home, consider which style best suits your needs.

  • Saxony offers a cut pile that gives you a medium height that is never too long or short. It offers both plush and textured features that match nearly every decor option.
  • Frieze carpet gives you long, tightly twisted fibers that bring a laid-back ambiance to your space. A bit messy, but still very charming, it’s also known as California shag. Perfect for stairs and family rooms, but not great in formal locations

  • Berber is a highly popular loop-style flooring that works in many areas of your home. The Mohawk SmartStrand collection is a sophisticated Berber flooring.
  • Cut and Loop is a carpet that incorporates both cut fibers and looped fibers. You get a great amount of variety to create an excellent match for all your decor. Excellent for modern uses.

In your search for the perfect carpet in Rochester, NY, you’re going to hear specific brands mentioned. These will include Mohawk, Dixie Home, and Phenix, just to name a few. Different manufacturers offer different benefits and it’s important to discuss them all with your flooring professional prior to settling on a specific carpet for your needs.

The installation of your carpet flooring in Rochester, NY is of the utmost importance. It’s imperative that you choose a professional installation with this material, especially if you have purchased from the higher end of the spectrum. Professional carpet installation requires special tools such as stretchers, seam connectors, and tools for installing carpet on stairways. It also requires a certain amount of expertise in the field. We have both, and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction with the results.

Christian Flooring, we tailor your flooring experience to your very own specific requirements and preferences in carpet flooring in Rochester, NY. Our flooring specialists make sure every aspect of your project goes smoothly, even if you need to borrow samples to see how they look in your own home. You’ll get a lifetime installation guarantee and the peace of mind you deserve as a Christian Flooring customer.

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